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Jeff Goldberger + Florian Oberhuber

Urban Edition seeks to create architecture based on the human experience. We use the tools of the trade to make this a reality: materials, light and shadow, proportion, and site selection. With these tools, we create spaces that are satisfying in their ease of use and in the emotions they evoke.

We believe that each project has an overriding principle based either on the special needs of the client or on the unique aspects of the site — its history, a pre-existing building, the landscape, or even a smell. With the client we work to develop this into a design. Crucial for us is that overarching idea carries through the entire project — from macro to micro, from a distant view through to the details. Our goal is that the finished product reads as a whole, logical and convincing. As a result, the guiding principle is experienced in the everyday use of the building.

Additionally, energy efficiency and sustainability are always part of the design, since these are consistent with making the most comfortable environments. These constitute the priorities in the development of each project.

The partners have over thirty years of combined experience in architecture, urban design, and construction, uncommon for a small office. This arrangement guarantees a personal approach and commitment by the partners to each and every project, with the knowledge often limited to larger firms.

partner profiles:     jeff goldberger     florian oberhuber